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Radiation Detector/Geiger Counters EMF Meter Programmer Datasheet
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Sku Description Image Supplier Price Visits Date Added
LAP-P01 1-WIRE Protocol Plug-in Generic Supplier US$69.99 2681
LAP-P30 ST7669 Bus Protocol plug-in Generic Supplier US$69.99 2041
LAP-P09 SSI Bus Protocol plug-in Generic Supplier US$69.99 2066
CPT-042 12MHz Crystal Oscillator Generic Supplier US$0.49 2859
PRG-018 True USB Willem Programmer (GQ-2X) Generic Supplier US$89.99 8777
CPT-038 Double Row Standard Pin header Generic Supplier US$0.99 2466
LAP-P18 LCD 12864 Bus Protocol plug-in Generic Supplier US$69.99 2339
LAP-P02 HDQ protocol plug-in Generic Supplier US$69.99 2061
ADP-080 TQFP32-DIP32 generic adapter Generic Supplier US$84.99 2851
PRG-XELTEK-17218 SuperPro 501S N*Cluster #17218 Generic Supplier US$3880.00 2386

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