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Radiation Detector/Geiger Counters EMF Meter Programmer Datasheet
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Sku Description Image Supplier Price Visits Date Added
ADP-087-T02 ADP-087-T02 Top module without ZIF Generic Supplier US$0.00 1197 9/10/2019
S-002 1 Years Extended Replacement Warranty Generic Supplier US$19.99 1212 6/9/2018
TOOL-012C Low Cost SOIC8 SMD Programming/Testing Clip Generic Supplier US$14.99 1530 4/29/2020
CPT-092a ITC IC DIP20 Test Clip head Generic Supplier US$15.50 1696 1/8/2020
CPT-090 KSD301 45C 113F NC Generic Therm switch sensor Generic Supplier US$4.49 1795 11/20/2019
PRG-Xeltek-SPM SuperPro M Universal IC Chip Device Programmer Generic Supplier US$495.00 1795 1/2/2014
CPT-091 KSD301 65C 149F NC Generic Therm switch sensor Generic Supplier US$4.49 1796 4/23/2020
TOOL-027 DT9205A+ Digital Multimeter Generic Supplier US$29.99 1808
TOOL-058 A1135 hot air nozzle for rework station Generic Supplier US$8.00 1852 4/10/2017
CPT-083 ITC IC 24 pin DIP Test Clip Generic Supplier US$15.99 1853 2/11/2019

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